Functional and Performance Testing Services
for Web and Mobile Application

Our company provides a comprehensive services to perform Mobile App and Web Functional and Performance Testing.

Our all-in-one Services for the testing include tool, a large inventory of mobile devices, OS and Browsers, test automation development and scripting, and test analytics & report. This will enable your company focus on agile development and launch your application and services fast to the market thus can produce more business value.

Our customers are coming from various industries such as manufacturing, airline, research & lab, logistic & shipping, government ministries, financial institutions & banks, and telcos.

Challenges for Mobile Application Functional Test today!

Device Fragmentation

95% of the worldwide mobile operating system market share belongs to Android and iOS. What’s your strategy for ensuring the application is compatible with most devices we have today and tomorrow?

Test Tools

Conventional testing without a tool requires resources to perform quality assurance. How efficiently are the test being conducted with agile development methodology?

Application Test Lifecycle

With the introduction of new devices, new operating system & application updates. How do you ensure your application meets the quality & performance, and to prevent poor ratings in the App Store?

Web Performance Testing

Performance testing allows us to assess potential risks, allows us to make informed decisions and also allows us to plan for future upgrades.

Questions you might want to ask yourself…
What happens to your web application when it reaches 1,000 or 10,000 concurrent users?
What happens to your web application when CPU reaches critical levels?
Are you confident with your system going live without testing it’s capacity?

Let us tell you what happens before your users tell you.

How Can We Help

We provide automated testing service for web and mobile applications, so you can dedicate valuable resources to your core services.

What We Can Do

Test Development

Create tests easily and quickly with enhanced versions of the industry’s open source tools.

Test Execution

Accelerate web and mobile application testing cycles and increase coverage by executing your tests in parallel on multiple browsers and mobile devices.

Test Analytics

Consolidate your test results and perform root cause analysis to improve your web and mobile application testing.

Automated Test

We develop test scripts to automate test processes, consistently on any devices.

Real Devices

We test on real mobile devices. Large selection of devices from various manufacturers, models and OS versions.

Device Monitoring

We monitor the CPU, memory and battery while performing the automated test.


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